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1st Venerable Mary of Egypt
Martyrs Gerontios and Basileidos
Venerable Euthymios, wonder-worker of Suzdal
2nd Venerable Titos the wonder-worker
Virgin-martyr Theodora of Palestine
Martyrs Aidesios and Panayiotis
3rd Venerable Nikita the Confessor and Joseph the Hymnographer
New-martyrs Paul and John
4th Venerable George of the Peloponnesos
Martyrs Theodoulos the reader and Agathopodos the deacon of Thessalonika
Venerable Theonas, archbishop of Thessalonika
Isidore, bishop of Seville
5th Martyrs Claudios, Didymos and Diodoros
New-martyr George of New Ephesos
Venerable Theodora of Thessalonika
6th Eutychios, patriarch of Constantinople
Venerable Platonida of Nisibis
Venerable Gregory Byzantios of the Great Lavra on Athos
Venerable-martyr Gennadios of Dionysiou monastery on Athos
The Martyrs of Samothrace
Methodios, archbishop of Moravia and enlightener of the Slavs
7th Martyr Kalliopios of Cilicia
Venerable George, bishop of Mitylene
Repose of Tikhon, patriarch of Moscow and Enlightener of North America
8th Apostles Agabos, Rufos, Phlegon, Asynkritos, Herodion and Hermas of the Seventy
Celestine, bishop of Rome
9th Martyr Eupsychios of Cappadocia
Venerable-martyrs Vadim, Raphael, Nicholas and Irene
Venerable Simeon
10th Martyrs Terence and Pompeios of Carthage together with Alexander and their forty companions
New-hieromartyr Gregory V, patriarch of Constantinople
New-martyr Demas of Smyrna
11th Hieromartyr Antypas, bishop of Pergamum
Venerable Tryphainis
Kallinikos of Cernica, bishop of Rimniculdi in Romania
12th Basil the Confessor, bishop of Parium
Venerable Anthusa of Constantinople
Venerable Akakios the Younger, founder of Kafsokalyvia skete on Athos
13th Martin the Confessor, pope of Rome
Martyr Eleutherios of Persia
Martyrs Zoilos of Rome and Theodosios
Hieromartyr Artemon, presbyter of Laodicea in Syria
14th Apostles Aristarchos, Pudens and Trophymos of the Seventy
Martyr Thomais of Alexandria
New-martyr Demetrios of the Peloponnesos
15th Martyr Crescens of Myra in Lycia
Hieromartyr Leonidas, bishop of Athens
16th Martyr Leonidas, Charissa, Niki, Galina and Theodota of Corinth
Virgin-martyrs Irene, Agape and Chionia of Illyria
Newmartyr Michael of Smyrna
Venerable-martyr Christopher of Dionysiou monastery on Athos
Hieromartyr Nikita of St. Anne Skete on Athos
17th Hieromartyr Simeon, bishop in Persia
Martyr Adrian of Corinth
Agapitos, pope of Rome
Makarios, archbishop of Corinth
Venerable Zosimas of Solovky
uncovering of the relics of Venerable Alexander of Svir
18th Venerable John, disciple of Gregory of Decapolis
Venerable Euthymios and Athanasios of Aegina
Cosmas the Confessor, bishop of Chalcedon
New-martyr John of Epiros
Venerable Euthymios, enlightener of Karelia
19th Hieromartyr Paphnoutios of Jerusalem
Tryphon, patriarch of Constantinople
Venerable-martyr Agathangelos of Esphigmenou monastery on Athos
Venerable Simeon of Philotheou monastery on Athos
Venerable John of Old Lavra in Palestine
20th Venerable Theodore 'the hair-shirt wearer'
Venerable Athanasios, and Joasaph of Meteora
Apostle Zaccheos, bishop of Caesarea
21st Hieromartyr Januarios, bishop of Benevento
Venerable Maximos and Anastasios
22nd Theodore Sykeote, bishop of Anastasiopolis
Apostle Nathanael
Martyr Nearchos
Vsevolod, prince of Pskov
Martyr Epipodios of Lyons
23rd Great-martyr George the trophy-bearer
Martyr Alexandra the Empress
Martyr Glykerios of Nicomedia
New-martyrs George of Ptolemais and Lazarus of Bulgaria
24th Venerable Elizabeth the wonder-worker of Constantinople
Martyr Sabbas the General ('Stratelates') of Rome
Hieromartyrs Phylikos, Fourtunatos and Achilleos
New-martyrs Luke, Akylina, Nicholas and George
Lorest and Sabbas Brancovici, metropolitans of Ardeal and confessors in Romania
Martyr Alexander of Lyons
25th Apostle and Evangelist Mark
Martyr Niki
Macedonios, patriarch of Constantinople
New-martyr George
26th Hieromartyr Basil, bishop of Amasea
Venerable Glaphyra and George
Stephen, bishop of Perm
Ioanikios of Devitch
27th Hieromartyr Simeon, the kinsman of the Lord
Venerable George, John and Eulogios the hospitable
Stephen, bishop of Vladimir
Incineration of the relics of Sabbas, first archbishop of Serbia, by Sinan Pasha (1595)
28th The Nine Martyrs of Kyzikos
Venerable Memnon the wonderworker
29th Apostles Jason and Sosipater of the Seventy
The martyrs of Kerkyra
John, metropolitan of Thebes
New-martyr John
Basil of Ostrog
30th Apostle James, brother of John the Theologian
Donatos, bishop in Epiros
New-martyr Argyris
Bishop Ignatios Brianchaninov

St Mary of Egypt

Venerable Theonas

St Eutychios

St Methodios

St Tikhon

St Gregory V

St Kallinikos

St Basil the Confessor

St Martin the Confessor

Martyr Leonidas

St Makarios

St Tryphon

Apostle Nathanael

Great-Martyr George

Apostle Mark

Apostle James

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